OKAY! 280 views and not one response? what the H?
For about a month this little kitten has been hanging around my house especially at night. She showed up every day and wouldn't let me catch her. I started feeding her at night to gain her trust. Finally, it worked! I was able to catch her and bring her inside. I would keep her myself if I didn't already have 3 cats. She's adorable. She's super friendly and playful. She purrs all the time. I adore her! You can do anything to her and she doesn't freak out - perfect for kids! I figure she's around 4 months old. She's definitely no older than 6 months. I prefer if she goes to a home who already knows how to take care of a cat and has everything ready for her arrival. If you want her but can't take her right away, I can hold on to her for you for a little while. Please call 445- (home) or 481- (cell) or respond to poster for serious inquiries. Thanks, Michelle